West Coast Jewelry [Custom Wedding Pieces]

I started making jewelry when I was 12. I used to make wire wrapped sterling silver earrings and beaded bracelets, and occasionally I would go in craft fairs to sell my jewelry.
After I got engaged in 2014 I started planning my wedding. I loved the whole wedding planning process. I ended up making most of my decorations and all of the jewelry my bridesmaids and I wore.
I also decided to hand make my wedding hair accessory. I looked through tons of photos for inspiration and I finally committed to starting it. Little did I know that it was going to take me 3 hours to make… But after it was finished, I was so happy with it. When I wore it on my wedding day I had so many compliments on it! I realized later on that a lot of brides might be interested in my designs of hair accessories.
For the first year after my wedding I started selling a variety of jewelry on Etsy, not making a huge effort. But finally after Christmas 2016 I decided I wanted to launch my hair jewelry line. I needed to start putting in the effort to get my name out to people.
In January this year I made up a few hair vines, put on my wedding dress again in the snow and did a photoshoot with my hair pieces.
Following the photoshoot I updated all of my listings on Etsy, and then I started to send out free pieces to a few hairstylists on Instagram.
I got a few hairstylists who would tag me in their post with these absolutely gorgeous hairstyles.
After a few months I decided I should be focusing on bridal hairstylists to carry my hair jewelry line. I met Montana through Instagram and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made anything other than hair vines. After I met her in person, she told me I would need to make a lot of different types of hair pieces for her to offer to her clients.
I now make hair pins, barrettes, hair combs and various hair pieces.
Montana constantly sends me photos of hair accessories that she likes that she might want to incorporate into one of her hairstyles. I try to recreate the hair pieces and send her my newest and best hair accessories regularly.
What is truly special about my hair jewelry is that each piece is handmade by me and is one of a kind. I carefully create every hair accessory by individually twisting the pearls and crystals into place. I take the time to make the hair piece as beautiful as possible before shipping it to a client.
It is so rewarding to have people fall in love with my hair jewelry and to be a part of someone’s wedding day

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